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Cernis ut haec medium cingat teres undique punctum
Linea, & hinc spatio distet & inde pari?
Scilicet illa refert quod nos tegit undique caelum,
Tellurem hoc punctum quod tenet ima notat.
Cur igitur doleas, quorsum dic, quaeso, labores,
Tu patria pepulit quem pietatis amor?[1]
Caelum si versus tendis, quocunque recedes,
Hinc spatio caelum cernis & inde pari.

Do you see how this circle surrounds a central point on all sides, and is always at the same distance from it? It denotes the heavens which always cover us on all sides, and this point which it contains, the lesser circle, signifies the earth. Why therefore do you grieve, to what end say, I beseech you, do you labour, you whom love of your faith drove from your country? If you tend towards heaven wherever you go, you see heaven at the same distance in all directions.


1.  Reference to the French Protestant refugees in Geneva.

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