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Nil spectasse dapes, nil deglutisse iuvabit,
Haec nisi ventriculi cuncta calore coquas.[1]
Sic coetus spectasse pios, divinaque verba
Audisse attenta nil licet aure iuvat,
Hae nisi percipiatque fides, imoque reposta
Pectore, divino freta calore coquat.

It will not help to have gazed on the feast nor to have swallowed it down if you do not cook/digest all of it in the heat of the stomach. In the same way, it does not help to have gazed on the holy [i.e. of faithful] crowds, nor to have heard the words of God, even if with an attentive ear, if faith does not take hold of them and, having placed them deep in the breast, trusting in the divine heat cook [i.e. meditate on] them.


1.  This emblem relies on the two meanings of coquo, to cook and to digest/meditate.

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