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Sectantes velut umbra fugit, fugientibus instat,
Addita corporibus scilicet umbra comes,
Sic fugit immeritae captantes praemia laudis,
Demissis contra gloria iuncta comes.
Et tamen haud falso trutinata examine, quidnam
Laus haec omnis erit? scilicet umbra levis.

Just as a shadow flees those who follow it, and it pursues those who flee it - the shadow is undoubtedly the companion associated to [all] bodies - so likewise glory, the companion linked to the humble, flees those trying to grasp the rewards of undeserved praise. And yet all this praise, if it is balanced with true [lit. not false] consideration, what, pray, will that amount to? Undoubtedly an insubstantial shadow.


1. áThe inspriation for this emblem certainly comes from Bocchi, Symbolicarum Quaestionum libri quinque (Bologna, 1555), 4.99: ‘Non appeti debere gloriam, at sequi veram’ (One should not strive after glory, but pursue true [glory]).

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