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Tranquilli immotique prius velut aequoris undas
Unica ventorum vis agitata ciet,
Sic mundum meretrix Romana. Hanc tollite, Reges,
Pacatus subitò (credite) mundus erit.[1]

Just as the single force of the winds, having been roused, stirs up the waves of the sea which previously was calm and smooth, so the Roman whore [stirs up] the world. Kings, expel her, and at once, believe this, the world will be pacified.


1.  As the image shows, it is a Catholic whore (with cardinals) stirring up trouble in Christian kingdoms - a probable allusion to the cardinals of the House of Lorraine who kept a tight control on the kings of France from François II to Henri III in the 1560s and 70s. The Protestant whore imagery derives from the whore of Babylon in Apocalypse chapters 17 and 19.

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