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Ludicra ridemus fabricantes tecta puellos,
Seu stipulis fartum si me meditantur opus:
Quid melius plerique agitis, vanissima vitae
Quos huius miseros noxia cura premit?[1]

We laugh at boys making bricks for fun or if they design a building stuffed with straw. In what way do many of you act any better, you poor wretches whom pernicious and most vain worry about this life oppresses?


1. áA reference to the parable of those who build their house not on sand but on rock, signifying those who hear Christ’s word (Matthew 7:24-29). See also Montenay, emblem I ([FMOa001]).

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  • (personifications of) 'Vanitas', the vanity of human life; FragilitÓ humana, FugacitÓ delle grandezze & della gloria mondana, Meditatione della morte, Opera vana, Piacere vano, Vana gloria, VanitÓ (Ripa) [11R5] Search | Browse Iconclass
  • Inutility, Noxiousness; 'Nocumento', 'Nocumento d'ogni cosa' (Ripa) [54BB3] Search | Browse Iconclass

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