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Ceu vacuum facilis vas est implere laboris,
Quodque[1] mero est plenum velle replere furor:
Sic cuius divina animum sapientia coepit,
Et vitae invasit quem melioris amor.
Aut vacuam humanis, homo, mentem sensibus adfer:
Stultitiae plenus vel remaneto tuae.

Just as it is an easy task to fill an empty vessel which it is madness to want to fill with wine when it is full, so divine wisdom lays hold of the soul of him whom love of a better life [i.e. afterlife] has [already] taken possesion of. Either, O man, bring a mind/soul empty of human senses, or remain full of your stupidity.


1. áCorrected from the Errata

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