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En Satan accensis hinc inde ut torribus urgens.,
Sic tandem absumi spumans hoc[1] stultus ahenum
Posse putat, lapsus complet quem caelitus humor.
Sic liceat nobis sanctorum effingere sortem,
Quos Satanas variis hinc inde laboribus instans
Exercet, frustra seseque suosque fatigans.
Ecquis enim tutus nisi quos fidusque potensque
Tutatur coeli Christus qui considet arce?
Perge Satan. Nam quo torres ardentiůs omnes
Accendes, tanto mage despumaris ahenum,
Purior ut tandem fundo esca appareat imo.[2]

Behold how Satan, when the firebrands have been lit, poking [them] stupidly from every side, thinks that eventually, in this way, he can destroy what is foaming out of the cauldron which liquid fallen from heaven fills. Thus may it be possible for us to represent the fate of the saints whom Satan harrasses, troubling them with different kinds of toils, exhausting himself and his followers in vain. For is anyone safe unless Christ, faithful and powerful, who presides in the heavenly refuge, protects them? Go on Satan. For the more ardently you light all the firebrands, the more you will purge the cauldron so that at last purer food [i.e. the saints] will become visible in the depths.


1.  Corrected from the Errata.

2.  On the refining power of suffering see number 20 ([FBEa020]).

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