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Belidas fingunt pertusa in dolia vates
Mox effundendas funderre semper aquas.[1]
Nomine mutato, narratur fabula de te,
Ebrie, quae meias qui sine fine bibis.
Quin etiam hoc in te quadrat turba ebria, qud sint
Corpora quae fuerant, dolia facta tibi.

The poets depict the Danaides always pouring water which will soon pour out into barrels with holes. With the name changed, the story is told about you, you drunkard, who keeps on drinking what you then pass [i.e. urinate], such that your drunken confusion creates this situation for you whereby what had been bodies have for you become barrels.


1. Belides, descendants of Belus, aka the Danaides, the fifty daughters of Danaus, who was the son of Belus, King of Egypt (Belus is Hellenisation of Baal, the head of Levantine pantheon). They murdered their husbands on their wedding night, and were punished in Hades by having to draw water from a well with leaking jars.

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