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Les bastimens de paille, de tuilleaux,
Sont jeux d’enfans qui souvent nous font rire.
Faites vous mieux, ˘ vous hommes brutaux,
Que vanitÚ chetivement martyre?[1]


1. áA reference to the parable of those who build their house not on sand but on rock, signifying those who hear Christ’s word (Matthew 7:24-29). See also Montenay, emblem I ([FMOa001]).

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  • (personifications of) 'Vanitas', the vanity of human life; FragilitÓ humana, FugacitÓ delle grandezze & della gloria mondana, Meditatione della morte, Opera vana, Piacere vano, Vana gloria, VanitÓ (Ripa) [11R5] Search | Browse Iconclass
  • Inutility, Noxiousness; 'Nocumento', 'Nocumento d'ogni cosa' (Ripa) [54BB3] Search | Browse Iconclass

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