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A l’enseigne de Timotheus d’Athenes.

Fortuné en guerre.

Timotheus tes propres ennemis
Ce monument, à ta splendeur ont mis,
Faisant pour toy fortune bataillant,
Et à ton sort en campaigne saillant:
Et rapportant en ta chambre parée
Des ennemis la routte deplourée.
O que celuy peut dormir seurement,
Qui à fortune a son commandement. [1]


1.  Timotheus was one of the most successful Athenian generals of the fourth century, whose political fortunes in the republic went up and down...he was eventually tried by his enemies and forced out of Athens. Later the citizens repented and built statues in his honour. See Gueroult, emblem 16 ([FGUa016]).

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