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Sur l’Ypsilon de Pythagoras.[1]

Pythagoras Philosophe d’esprit,
Vice & vertu soubs l’Ypsilon comprit,
Le trac de vice en val ses suyvans meine,
Cil de vertu les conduit en la plaine.


1.  i.e. the Greek capital upsilon, said by some to have been introduced from the Phoenician to the Greek alphabet by Pythagoras; the Pythagorean symbolism of the letter was that it represented a fork in the road, or a choice (at adolescence) between vice and virtue (cf. the choice of Hercules); see also Erasmus, Adagia, 1.1.2; the upsilon can also be compared with the Christian choice as in Matthew 7:13-14. See Boissard, La fin couronne l’oeuvre ([FBOa006]).

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