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Sur Milo Crotoniates.

Contre gens rempliz de leurs sens.

Milo voulant au fort de sa puissance
Un chesne vieux en deux pars diviser,[1]
A son meschef donne ą tous cognoissance
Qu’en sa vertu chacun peut s’abuser.


1.  Milo of Croton, the most famous and strongest of Greek Olympic athletes. According to legend, he became trapped while trying to use his strength to dismember a tree, and, unable to rescue himself, he was eaten by wolves. See Boissard, 1593, ‘Eventus stultorum magister’ (Accident is the master of fools; [[FBOb023]).

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    • cleaving, splitting (industrial processes) [47C312] Search | Browse Iconclass
    • Complacency, Self-conceit [57AA646] Search | Browse Iconclass
    • Courage, Bravery, Valiance, Manliness; 'Ardire magnanimo et generoso', 'Gagliardezza', 'Valore', 'Virtł heroica', 'Virtł dell'animo e del corpo' (Ripa) [54A8] Search | Browse Iconclass
    • death of Milon of Croton: he has his hands trapped in a tree trunk and is attacked by lions or wolves [98B(MILON)68] Search | Browse Iconclass
    • trees (with NAME) [25G3(OAK)] Search | Browse Iconclass
    • Virtuousness; 'Amor di Virtł', 'Attione virtuosa', 'Guida sicura de' veri honori', 'Virtł', 'Virtł insuperabile' (Ripa) [57A6] Search | Browse Iconclass

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