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In Statuam Timothei Athaeni.

On the statue of Timotheus of Athens.

Cum in omnibus rebus, tum maxime in re
militari plurimům Fortuna potest.

In everything, but most of all in military affairs, Fortune is all-powerful..

Timothëe hos hostes tibi suspendere Colossos,
Haec tibi sunt forti conciliata manu:
Teque unum ex multis fortuna sacravit alumnum,
Illa quiescenti dum tibi signa refert,
Cogit & hostiles ignota in retia turmas.
Atque audax positis decipit insidiis.[1]

Timotheus, your enemies set up these colossal statues to you; These things are dear [or reconciled] to you with your [or a] strong arm: And fortune set you, one among many, apart as her pupil [or foster-son], when she brought back those signs to you when you were inactive, and forced the enemy armies into a secret trap, and audaciously ensnared them in the ambush that you [or she] had set.


1.  Timotheus was one of the most successful Athenian generals of the fourth century, whose political fortunes in the republic went up and down...he was eventually tried by his enemies and forced out of Athens. Later the citizens repented and built statues in his honour. See Gueroult, emblem 16 ([FGUa016]).

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