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Aes Dodonaeum.[1]

The bronze of Dodona.

In rabulas fori.

On the wrangling lawyers in the courts.

Me Dodonaei miserum sonus enecat aeris,
Nec sinit assueto membra sopore frui.

The noise of the ‘bronze of Dodona’ wears me out miserably, Nor does it let my limbs enjoy their accustomed sleep.


1.  At the temple of Dodona in north-west Greece, there was a major shrine to Zeus, which featured a bronze bell which rang constantly, day and night, whence arose the proverbial expression ‘more talkative than the bronze of Dodona’: Jakob Masen, Palaestra eloquentiae ligatae. Ed nova.. correctior. (Köln, 1682-3), p. 101.

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