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De vipera. Ex heiroglyphicis Aegyptiorum.

On the Viper. After some Hieroglyphics of the Egyptians.

In impudicas mulieres.

On shameless women.

Quae struis insidias misero famosa marito,
Proiice crudeli Norica tela manu:[1]
Viperea quondam te finxit imagine Memphis,
Qua nihil in terris foedius esse potest.

You notorious woman, who lays traps for your wretched husband, cast away that Alpine javelin from your cruel hand! [The city of] Memphis once made a representation of you in the image of a viper, than which nothing on earth can be fouler.


1.  Coustau uses the same phrase ‘Norica tela manu’ in emblem 40 ([FCPb040]).

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