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Bos super linguam.

An ox on his tongue.

In proclamatores fori.[1]

On the noisy advocates in the courts.

Qui longa in levibus texit primordia causis,
Offenditque nova garrulitate patres:
Indicta linguam discat compescere multa,
Et posthac labiis ponere vincla suis.

He who has swamped the far-off beginnings of his law-suits in froth [lit. hid the distant origins in light cases], and vexed the magistrates with yet more prolixity: Let him learn to hold his tongue, and leave much unsaid, and hereafter put a padlock on his lips.


1.  Proclamatores and rabulae, were much of a muchness (as in emblem 106 ‘In rabulas fori’).

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