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In ritum veteris sacrificii.

On the ancient sacrificial rite [lit. on the rite of ancient sacrifice].

Silentium & pax in matrimonio.

Peace and quiet within a marriage.

Qui rem divinam faciunt tibi pronuba Iuno,
Incenduntque aris thura Sabaea tuis:
Fel caesae iaciunt altaria ad ipsa bidentis:[1]
Sic privata suo victima felle manet.
Link to an image of this page  Link to an image of this page  [X7v p334]Haec lex connubii est, irarum ponere fluctus
In sancto coniux, debet uterque thoro.

Those who offer you their worship, Juno, goddess of Marriage, and burn Sabaean [Arabian] incense at your altars: Towards the same altars they toss the gall of a slaughtered animal. As a result the victim has none of its bile left. This is the rule for marriage: on the sacred marriage-bed each spouse should lay aside the storms of anger.


1.  Technically a sacrificial sheep, pig or cow that has two fully-grown rows of teeth. Fel can mean the gall-bladder or its product (bile).

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