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In hyenam.

On the hyena.

Ab adulatoribus fugiendum.

Keep clear of suckers-up.

Postquam saeva hominis didicit cognomen hyena,
Ut aoret [=voret] appellat nomine quemque suo:
Et blando humanas imitatur carmine voces,
Ut cadat in nassam praeda vocata suam.
Falsus adulator, servans in corpore virus,
Quos blandè appellat, clam facit ille reos.

After the wild hyena has learnt the name of a man, in order to devour him he calls each one by his own name: And he mimics human voices, making a flattering sound [lit. song], so that his prey, thus summoned, may fall into his trap. The false flatterer, who nurtures a poison in his body: Whoever he calls to with his wheedling voice, he secretly turns into criminals.

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