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The turtle-dove.

In praeproperas nuptias secundas.

On over-hasty second marriages.

Ecce gemit tristes amissi coniugis aras
Turtur, & alterius negligit ille thorum.
Quid properas iterum geniali accumbere lecto,
Dumque utero gestas vota secunda petis?
Hoc est, crede mihi, cineres violare sepultos,
Tam cito se thalamis conciliare novis.

Look at the turtle-dove, mourning at the sad grave* of its lost mate, and not thinking of marriage with [lit. the marriage-bed of] another. Why are you in a rush to lie down once more on a bed of marriage, and why, while you are still pregnant, do you go looking for a second set of marriage-vows? It is, believe me, to desecrate the ashes that are buried, so quickly to join yourself in a new marriage.
* Lit. ‘altars’, probably meaning funerary monument or funeral-pyre: doubtless the woodcut would have made the meaning more certain.

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