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Discordia exitialis.

Fatal discord.

Sanguineam quatiens hastam, caput horrida echidnis
Folle focum subigit, flamma unde fumusque exsilit.
Exitiale parens animat discordia bellum,
Improba lingua mali, caedisque seminarium est.

Brandishing a bloody spear, her head bristling with vipers, She fans a fire with a bellows, from which flames and smoke shoot out. Discord gives birth and life to deadly war, And a wicked tongue of evil is a breeding-ground of slaughter.

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Symbolum per se dilucidius est, qum
ut diserto in re clara esse lubeat. quis enim mali
omnis parentem discordiam non cecinit, mare caelo
permiscere doctam? Pictam hanc graphice expres-
sit in Satyrarum fragmentis Petronius Arbiter,[1]
quem magna ex parte secutus, eiusmodi picturam
dederim. Pingatur mulier lacrymis oculis opple-
ta, scisso capillitio, comas viperis implexas habens,
scabris dentibus & lividis, sanguinea manu fa-
cem ardentem quatiens, quae pedibus follem de-
Link to an image of this page Link to an image of this page [K1v p146]primat, eius acrophysion, sive caput foculum
propinquum excitet cum fumo & flamma.

The emblem is too self-explanatory to want spelling out to anyone with any intelligence. After all what poet has not sung of Discord being the mother of all evil, capable of setting the heavens and the oceans by the ears? Petronius Arbiter gave a vivid description of her in the fragments of his Satires, and I shall in great measure be following him in the kind of picture that I will describe. She should be portrayed as a woman, her eyes brimming with tears, her hair cut short and bound with vipers, her teeth jagged and blackened [lit. blue], brandishing a burning torch in her bloodstained hand, and pumping bellows with her feet, [p.146], the acrophysion, or head of which is fanning the flames and smoke of a fire.


1. Caius Petronius Arbiter or Titus Petronius, Roman writer, 1st century AD.

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