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In labra meientem Galato cur pinxit Homerum,[1]
Et siccam Vates hinc satiare sitim?
An quia quicquid habet divini Musa furoris,
Debeat hoc illi, Graia sit aut Latia.

Why was Homer painted by Galaton pissing into the lips; why does the poet satisfy dry thirst from such a fountain? Not, perhaps, because the Muse, whether Greek or Latin, takes what divine madness she has from this very source?


Homere pisse, & maint homme souhaite
Saouller sa soif, boyvant de son urine:
Pour te montrer, que jamais bon Pote
Tu ne seras sans gouster sa doctrine.


1. Galaton was a Greek painter, whose picture, representing Homer vomiting, and other poets gathering up what fell from him, is mentioned by Aelian (Varia historia, 13.22), and by a scholiast to Lucian (1.499, ed. Wetstein), who calls the painter Gelato. He probably lived under the earlier Ptolemies, and his picture was no doubt intended to ridicule the Alexandrian epic poets.

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