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Icarus[1] ingratis dum dat nova musta colonis,
Se parat ad iram (praemia dura) necem:
Sic patet [=pater] innumeros [=innumeris] ingratis munera dando
Saepe sibi laqueum, saepe parasse crucem.

When Icarus gives the juice of the grape to the ungrateful peasants, he prepares a cruel death for himself (a rough reward). Just so, the father, making gifts to countless ingrates, has oft prepared himself a noose or cross.*
* The syntax here is difficult to construe.


Quand Icarus ses villains enyvra,
Plus grand mal feit pour luy, qu’il ne pensoit:
Car leur fureur aspre mort luy livra.
A gens ingratz qui bien fait, mal reçoit.


1.  Icarus is here confused with Icarius. Icarus was the boy with the wax wings who tried to escape from Crete; Icarius was a prince of Sparta, taught how to make wine by Dionysus as a reward for his hospitality, and introduced it to Greece. Icarius, however, won’t fit the metre.

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