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Fortior est Boream quae cortice prospicit arbor,
Quàm quae vernatem prospicit ad Zephyrum:[1]
Sic quos adversis fors impia flatibus urget,
Fortiùs obsistunt sortis ad omne malum.

As a tree that faces Boreas is stronger than one which faces vernal Zephyrus, so those whom cruel fate drives with hostile winds resist all evils of fate more strongly.


L’arbre sera trop plus dur en escorce
Du droit, ou frappe Aquilon le froit vent:[2]
Plus fortz sont ceux, contre lesquelz s’efforce
Aspre Fortuné, & leur nuyt plus souvent.


1.  Boreas is the North Wind; Zephyrus is the West Wind.

2.  Aquilon: another name for the North Wind.

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  • Strength, Power; 'Fortezza', 'Fortezza d'Animo e di corpo', 'Fortezza del corpo congiunta con la generosità dell'animo', 'Fortezza & valore del corpo congiunto con la prudenza & virtù del animo', 'Forza' (Ripa) [54A7] Search | Browse Iconclass

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