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Quò solet urgeri graviori pondere Palma,
Hòc magis emergit, surgit & in vetitum:
Sic sapiens variis Fortunae casibus actus
Fortior emergit, quò magis his premitur.[1]

As the palm grows higher in proportion to the weight it carries, and rises even into spheres forbidden to it, so a wise man, if driven by the changing chances of Fortune, comes out strengthened in proportion to the pressure he is under.


Tant plus la Palme est de grand faiz pressée,
Plus à monter contremont fait effort:
Tant plus Fortune est contre nous dressée,
Plus faut avoir le coeur constant & fort.


1.  Cf. Alciato, ‘Obdurandum adversus urgentia’ (Stand firm against pressure; [FALa024] and corresponding emblems).

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