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Ce pelerin peu Ó peu s’achemine
Pour arriver Ó la citÚ celeste,
Et n’a regret qu’autre que luy domine
Ses champs, chasteaux, & que rien ne luy reste.
Voicy qui fait, que rien ne le moleste,
Considerant que maison permanente
N’avons ša bas, mais bien mortelle peste,
A tous qui n’ont plus haut mis leur attente.

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But we seek one to come.


Coelica suspirans iamdudum ad regna viator,
Ipse suas aliis sponte relinquit opes.
Foenore cum toto teneant, nihil invidet: huius
Instabiles Mundi c¨m sciat esse domos.

The traveller, longing to reach the heavenly kingdom immediately, himself willingly relinquishes his wealth to others. While they hold it with full profit, he has no covetousness, since he knows that the dwellings of this World are unstable.


1. áHebrews 13:14

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