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Le coeur du Roy est en la main de Dieu,
Qui le conduit selon son bon plaisir.
Se plaindre donc du Roy, n’a point de lieu.
La cause en nous plustost devons choisir,
Quand ne l’avons selon nostre desir.
France, ton Roy vieil de sens, jeune d’aage,
Un regne heureux Christ donne & le loisir
De se monstrer Treschrestien preux & sage.

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The Lord shall preserve thy coming in


Qum vanum de Rege queri! Nam subita[2] [=subdita] regum
Versantur Domini corda potenta manu.
Difficiles nostro redduntur crimine: justos
Conciliat populis integra vita duces.

How vain to complain about the King! for the powerful hearts of kings remain subordinate [reading subdita] in the hand of the Lord; difficult kings are the result of our own crimes; a pure life reconciles just leaders with the people.


1. Psalm 120 (121):8

2. There is a manuscript correction in the Glasgow University copy of this edition, and in the 1602 reissue.

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