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Le clair soleil ny la torche en la main
A un aveugle en rien n’est proufitable,
Le livre ouvert aussi tient il en vain:
Car il ne sait si c’est mensonge ou fable.
Cecy vous soit donques à tous notable,
Qu’à l’oeil obscur tout est obscurité.
L’ignorant donc ne doit estre croyable:
Car il ne voit goutte à la verité.

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To the blind, all things are dark


Quid faculam tibi laeva, librum quid dextra revoluit?
Cùm nihil exocula cernere fronte queas.
Stulte, putas verum Sophiae tibi fulgere lumen:
Sed tua mens, Veri nescia, luce caret.

Why does your left hand hold up a torch before you, and your right a book? since you can see nothing from a head without eyes. Foolish man, you think that the true light of Wisdom will shine at you: but your mind/soul, ignorant of the Truth, is deprived of light.

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