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Cest arbre grand & puissant est rompu
Au souffle seul du vent plus que luy fort:
Mais l’arbrisseau ainsi briser n’a peu,
Qui s’est ployé sous un si grand effort.
Humilité apporte grand confort.
Orgeuil ne fait qu’attirer mal & perte.
L’humble tousjours aura de Dieu support:
De l’arrogant la ruine est aperte.

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He has put down the powerful and exalted...


Concutitur tantùm ventis, quia cedit, arundo:
Arbor at, inflexo robore, fracta cadit.
Vos etiam fastu elatos feret exitus idem:
Ast humiles animos gratia multa manet.

The reed is only shaken by the wind, because it yields: but the tree, with its inflexible trunk, falls, broken. The same end will strike you who are raised up with pride: but much grace remains for those who are humble at heart.


1. from Magnificat, Luke 1:52 (cf. also Luke 14:11, Matth. 23:12; James 4:6; 1 Peter 5:5)

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