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Au bras qui tient sa main la coignee,
De droit est deu de ce beau coup l’honneur,
Quoy qu’ą couper ne soit espargnee.
De soy n’avoit ny force ny vigueur,
Ne l’homme aussi, sinon par le Seigneur.
Oł sera donc de l’homme le merite?
En Dieu, qui est sa force & enseigneur.
Qui le previent & ą bien faire invite.

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To whom is/be glory


Cłm valida resecat lignator ab arbore ramum,
Sola ibi vis hominis, nulla securiculae.
Tu tua quid turges merita et benefacta crepando?
Impellit qui te gloria sola Dei est.

When the woodcutter cuts a branch from the strong tree, only the strength of the man is in it, not the strength of the hatchet. Why do you swell up, boasting of your merits and good deeds? The glory which is God's alone drives you.


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  • Strength, Power; 'Fortezza', 'Fortezza d'Animo e di corpo', 'Fortezza del corpo congiunta con la generositą dell'animo', 'Fortezza & valore del corpo congiunto con la prudenza & virtł del animo', 'Forza' (Ripa) [54A7] Search | Browse Iconclass
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