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Feu, glaive, mer, maint chien malicieux,
De tous costés les justes environne.
Rien il n’y a en ce monde envieux
Qui avec dueil ce torment ne leur donne:
Mais de la foy l’oeil voyant la couronne
A eux promise apres l’affliction,
Avec sainct Paul trouvent la guide bonne,
Qui meine à Christ, nostre salvation.

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Through many afflictions


Hinc ignes, rabidaeque canes: hinc acriter instant
Et mare, & eductis turba ferox gladiis.
Christicolis sed mens manet imperterrita, quando
Cernunt defensa, serta parata, fide.

On one side fire and rabid dogs, on the other the sea, and the fierce crowd with drawn swords are threatening harshly; but for Christians the mind/soul remains undaunted when they perceive what has been gathered together and prepared for them, defended by their faith.


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