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La paix en vraye union fraternelle
Ne peut autruy, ne Dieu mesme offenser.
Dieu fait pardon, & sa promesse est telle,
A qui est prompt pardon s’avancer,
Comme ceux-cy que voyez s’embrasser,
Ains qu’ la nuict le jour quitte son lieu.
Celuy qui plus laisse haine embrasser [=embraser] ,
N’accomplit point la justice de Dieu.

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Let not the sun go down upon your wrath (Ephesians 4:26)


Irae abeant, & pax habitet praecordia tecum:
Sic vult, qui in toto jura dat orbe, Deus.
Cernis ut infestis gladiis concurrere fessi,
Ante diem occasum foedera conduplicent.

May anger depart and peace dwell with you in your heart (lit. entrails); this is what God wants who gives his laws throughout the world. You see that, after fighting with drawn sword, tired they find agreement before the end of the day.


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