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Comme d’oiseaux les cages sont remplies,
Ainsi aussi les maisons des pervers,
D’iniquitez, fraudes, fureurs, folies,
Remplies sont troublans tout l’univers.
Ils vont guettans les justes de travers
Pour les surprendre & leur porter dommage:
Mais Dieu les tient dessous sa main couvers,
Et tost cherra sur les malins orage.

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Thus their homes abound with deceits (Jeremiah 5:27)


En latitat caveis illex, ubi retia tendit
Auceps, cognatas ut trahat in laqueos.
Fraudibus illa fluit domus, in qua nocte dieque
Indulgent animis impia turba suis.

Behold the decoy is concealed in the cage where the fowler sets his snares so that it (decoy) will draw its fellows into the nets. That house is full of deceit, in which night and day as a wicked crowd they give themselves up to their whims.


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