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Par tout on sent les espines poignantes,
Et ne peut nul, fors Dieu, les amortir:
Mais dans le lict sont plus qu’ailleurs piquantes:
Car de plus pres elles se font sentir.
Parler en peut, & au vray, sans mentir,
Qui a gousté que vaut affliction:
Mais ceste-ci fait le coeur hors partir,
Quand pour amour on rend oppression.

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Patience/Endurance conquers all


Undique discordes animi, discordia toto
Orbe viget, lato, veh, nimis imperio:
Sed nusquam mage obest, thalamo quam fixa jugali,
Hic ubi perpetuum vivere debet Amor.

Everywhere, minds are in disagreement; disagreement flourishes throughout the world, alas! too widely over the breadth of the kingdom: but nowhere is it more harmful than in the marriage bed, here where eternal Love ought to live.


1.  The French poem has been corrected. This text was wrongly printed in emblem number 98 ([FMOb098]), and vice versa.

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