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Ecquis emat tanti sese demittere.

Will any man buy so dear, that which is so full of all kind of cares?

Valere le Grand fait mencion d’un Roy,[1] lequel ayant  [M]
reçu un Diademe, ou Chapeau Royal entre ses mains,
le tint longuement avant que le mettre sur son chef, &
le regardant & bien considerant, se print à dire: O
drap plus noble que heureus! si quelqu’un con-
noissoit & entendoit l’infinité des solicitudes,
perilz & miseres dont il est plein: s’il le trouvoit
emmi la bouë, il ne l’en daigneroit oter.

[Marginalia - link to text]Valere.


1.  This king has not been identified for certain. Valerius Maximus did write about the Roman praetor Cipus, who extraordinarily grew horns, and was told he would become king if he returned to the city, but chose voluntary exile instead (Val. Max. 5.6, also Ovid, Metamorphoses, 15.565).

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