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Vias tuas Domine demonstra mihi.[1]

Lord teach me thy paths

En la galere quatrireme, que le Prince André Do-
Amiral de l’Empire,[2] fit faire pour la personne de
l’Empereur, ŕ son voyage de Tunis, estoit une Devise
d’une clere Estoile, ŕ rayons, environnee de plusieurs
Traits, en sine d’invoquer la conduite, adresse, & puis-
sance de Dieu.


1.  Psalm 25:4 (in Vulgate, 24:4).

2.  Andrea Doria, of Genoa, Admiral of the Holy Roman Empire, Prince of Melphi, the most famous naval commander of the sixteenth century (d. 1560). He was the liberator of the Republic of Genoa from French occupation in 1528, and led the Emperor Charles V’s successful expedition to capture Tunis in 1535.

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