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Unica semper avis.[1]

Only one Phoenix [lit. bird] in the world at a time.

Comme le Phenix est à jamais seul et unique Oiseau  [M]
au monde de son espece. Aussi sont les tresbonnes cho-
ses de merveilleuse rarité, & bien cler semecs [=semees] . Devise
que porte Madame Alienor d’Austriche, Royne douai-
riere de France.[2]

[Marginalia - link to text]Theophraste.


1.  This image is accompanied by a different motto in the 1551 edition, ‘Unica revivisco’ ([FPAa022]).

2.  Eleanor of Austria, sister of Emperor Charles V, and wife of King François I from 1530. As the King’s second, childless wife, she was in a fairly impotent position as dowager queen after his death in 1547, until her own in 1558. But she had been married and widowed once before (in Portugal), and was given a second chance in France, which might explain her choice of a phoenix.

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