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Without all falsehood or deceit

L’espee militaire de France, en Bras armé, avec le
mot sus escrit, portee aujourdhui en Devise, par Mon-
signeur le Connestable
, est en sine & representacion de
foy, & fidelité.[1]


1.  Anne, Duc de Montmorency, Constable of France (1493-1567). He was one of France’s leading commanders, and a favourite of King François I, who made him successively Marshal of France (1522), and Constable of France (1538). After his capture of Boulogne from the English, King Henri II rewarded him with a duchy-peerage in 1551, one of the first non-royal peerages in French history. His longstanding rivalry with the Duc de Guise outlasted them both, and the families continued as bitter enemies into the 17th century.

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