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Agere & pati fortia.

To do and suffer great things

Tel regret & desplaisir reçut M. Scevola, Romein,  [M]
d’avoir failli à occire le Tirant qui oprimoit sa patrie,
que lui mesmes dens un feu, en voulut punir sa main


1.  In early Roman mythology, when Lars Porsenna, King of the Etruscans, besieged Rome, the city was famously saved by Gaius Mucius Scaevola, by demonstrating his courage and resolve to his Etruscan captors by placing his right hand into the fire. Scaevola thereafter remained a symbol of Roman bravery. See Boissard, 1558, ‘Pro patria dulce periculum’ ([FBOb020]).

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