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Sic terras turbine perflat.

So he troubles the earth with whirlwinds.

Dieu notre Createur (selon saint Pierre, saint Ja-  [M]
, & saint Luc) resiste aus orguilleus fiers & hau
teins, & donne grace aus humbles. Et en ce semble estre
imité par la Foudre, qui de sa nature laissant les choses
basses, tombe coutumierement sur les hautes. Ainsi que
mesmes témoigne Horace, disant:

Saepius ventis agitatur ingens
Pinus, & celsae graviore casu
Link to an image of this page  Link to an image of this page  [i2r p131]Decidunt turres: feriuntque summos
Fulgura montes.

Et encores Ovide:

Summa petit livor, perflant altissima venti,
Summa petunt dextra Fulmina missa Iovis.

1. S. Pierre 5.
S. Jaques 4.
S. Luc 1.Horace.Ovide.

Horace: The pine tree is tossed with winds and haughty turrets soon do fall, The lightning also does fiercely beat the mountains high and tall.

Ovid: Envy does often soar aloft, and winds beat places high, And lightnings also assault the place, that mounts up to the sky

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