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In proper time.

A mesme argument (ce semble) que l’Empereur Ti-
te Vespasien
portoit en Devise l’Ancre, ensemble le Dau-
phin, le Pape Paule iii. portoit aussi le Cameleon &
le Dauphin, ainsi sinifiant tousjours celle lente hative-
té, ou maturité requise en tous afaires, esquelz faut en-
tendre moyennement.[2]


1.  This is a variant on the motto ‘Festina lente’, as used by the Aldine press in the sixteenth century. Cf. Alciato, ’Princeps subditorum incolumitatem procurans’ ([FALa021], and corresponding emblems) and Erasmus, Adagia 1001 (Festina Lente) .

2.  The Emperor is Titus (both he and his father were named Titus Flavius Vespasianus, the latter being known as Vespasian, as in the later emblem in this work, ‘Ipsa suae testis victoria cladis’, [FPAb143]). Pope Paul III was Alessandro Farnese (reigned 1534-1549).

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