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Concussus surgo.[1]

When struck, I rise.

La Basle de vent (à jouer) estoit portee en Devise,
par feu Monsieur l’Amiral de Chabot:[2] ensemble le mot
sus escrit, declarant assez ladite Devise.


1.  A proverb.

2.  Philippe Chabot, Comte de Charny & Buzançais, Admiral of France and Governor of Burgundy: a leading commander of the early 16th century and favourite of François I (d. 1543). Cf. Alciato, 1549, ‘Le Prince procurant le salut de ses subjectz’ ([FALb136]). Chabot is also one of the people to whom the first French translation of Alciato (1536) is dedicated.

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