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Necessitas dociles facit.

Poverty makes quick learners

Ad Ioannem Panithy, sororium.[1]

La faim & la necessité
Ont souvent changč la nature:
Le Perroquet s’est usité
Par une tressoigneuse cure
De parler ainsi comme nous,
Domptant de Cesar le courroux.
La necessité feit parler
Le fils[2] de Croese, & d’avantage
Nous voyons les oyseaux tirer
Le cornet ou est leur breuvage:
Ainsi devons nous regarder
De tousjours nous accommoder.


1.  János Panithy is unidentified beyond his relationship as brother-in-law of Sambucus.

2.  The story of the deaf-mute son of Croesus and how he recovered his voice is told by Herodotus in The Histories, 1.85. He is not given a name, but was in some early modern dramatisations called Atys, the name of Croesus’ elder son.

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