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In copia minor error.

There is less fault in abundance

Callida verrit humum longa vulpecula cauda,
Irrisit nimium simia ἄπουρος onus
Subiicit at vulpes prolixŔ turpia malle
Abdere, quÓm nudas semper habere nates.
Caussa fuit melior vulpis: superesse quod ornat,
Et prodest, satius quÓm carvisse nimis.
Prodigus in vitio min¨s est, quÓm prorsus avarus,
Virtutis poti¨s congruit ille modo.

The clever little fox sweeps the ground with its long tail, the ignorant monkey makes great fun of the burden.* The fox, however, put in that he preferred to hide ugly things extensively to always having the buttocks exposed. The fox’s case was stronger, an excess of what gives honour and is helpful is better than lacking too much. A prodigal man is less sinful than who is downright mean and he fit in better with the proper measure of virtue.
* Reading ἄπειρος for ἄπουρος

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  • Abundance; 'Abondanza', 'Abondanza maritima' (Ripa) [51H42] Search | Browse Iconclass
  • Covetousness; 'Avaritia' (Ripa) ~ personification of one of the Seven Deadly Sins [11N34] Search | Browse Iconclass
  • Freeing (oneself) from Error or Illusion (+ emblematical representation of concept) [52C41(+4)] Search | Browse Iconclass
  • Generosity, Liberality; 'GenerositÓ', 'LiberalitÓ' (Ripa) [55C21] Search | Browse Iconclass
  • Honour, Glory; 'Ampiezza della Gloria', 'Gloria', 'Gloria de prencipi', 'Gloria & Honore', 'Honore', 'SublimatÓ della Gloria' (Ripa) [59B31] Search | Browse Iconclass
  • Lack, Deficiency (+ emblematical representation of concept) [51HH4(+4)] Search | Browse Iconclass
  • Utility, Usefulness; 'UtilitÓ' (Ripa) [54B3] Search | Browse Iconclass
  • Virtuousness; 'Amor di Virt¨', 'Attione virtuosa', 'Guida sicura de' veri honori', 'Virt¨', 'Virt¨ insuperabile' (Ripa) [57A6] Search | Browse Iconclass

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