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Superfluum inutile.

Excess is useless

Ad Vitum Rechnicz.

Divitias reputo veras quas exigit usus,
Et sortem insignem, quam dat habere Deus.
Porrigit en quantam bos lassus pondere linguam,
E linguis nulla est sed crocodile tibi.
Est gruibus, cygnis, anser tibi care, πελάργοις
Collum, non sitiens an opus ales habet?
Cuique suum tribuit varium qui condidit Orbem,
Quique dedit totum, parte deesse nequit.

I consider a real treasure what is required by use, and an outstanding fate the life God gives. Look, what a big tongue the cow stretches out, tired by the weight, while you, crocodile have no tongue at all. Cranes, swans, you dear goose, and storks have a neck; what thirsty bird could do without? To each the Maker of this varied world gave its own, and he who gave all, cannot be imperfect in a part.

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