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Οὐ χρὴ παννύχιον ἕυδειν. &c.[1]

One should not sleep all night etc.

Exercitus curam gerens somno levis
Est, nec profundè dormiens.
Negotiosus semper, & paratior
Ad arma, primus prodiens.
Victorias celebres tulit Macedo vigil,
Laudes, trophaea maxima.
Sopore nunquam passus est se comprimi:
Sed altera globus manu
Detentus, aereum incidebat vasculum,
Quiete mox se colligens.
De Iulio fertur minus nec Caesare,
Ad singulas vigili vices.

Who exercises the command of an army has a light sleep and does not sleep deep. He is always full of activity and comes forward first completely ready for fighting. The watchful Macedonian [Alexander the Great] gained famous victories, praise, the biggest trophies. He never allowed himself to be restrained by a deep sleep, but having held a globe in one hand, it fell into a small bronze vessel, and soon after he pulled himself together from his sleep. The same is said of Caesar, who was watchful for each single situation.


1.  Quotation, see Homer, Iliad, 2.23-25.

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