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NIL firmum sine lege stetit, studiisque verendis,
Consilio pacem, bellaque iusta rege.
Quod sine iudicio prudenti, & suscipis arte,
Foedera sint, moveas seu quoque bella, perit.
Militiae doctrina valet, sanctusque Senatus,
Atque domum tuta conditione tenet.
En brevis ā rixis concordia, dissidiumque
Fit longum č socio pectore, ni caveas.
Attica concessit belli sua sceptra Pericli,
Tyrtaeo, & Sophocli sic quoque Sparta Duci.
Pax melior cunctis, te copia poscit amoenam,
Tu reparas animos, te sine maeret ager.
Ergo secessus Cadmi, cultaeque sorores
Et vivant quosquos litera docta fovet.[1]

Nothing stands strong without a law, govern peace and just wars by means of respectable studies and counsel. Whatever you undertake without prudent judgment or skill, be it pacts or that you are waging wars as well, it will perish. The art of warfare and the sacred senate are important, and control the house with a safe position. See, through conflicts you will have a brief peace and a prolonged disagreement will come up in the ally’s heart, if you do not watch out. Attica handed over its sceptrum [authority] of war to Pericles, and likewise Sparta to Tyrtaeus and Sophocles. Peace is better for all, abundances asks you for a sweet one, you mend the hearts, without you the field grieves. Therefore, long live Cadmus’ secluded place, the civilised sisters [Muses] and all those whom learned writing nurtures.


1.  In this context, Cadmus’ secluded place refers to Thebes, the mythical king’s city, located where the cow laid down to rest, and near the Helicon, sacred to the Muses.

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