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Utilitatis ergo, limax.

For the sake of usefulness: the snail

Dum latitans domiporta vagor, mensasque paratu
Orno, vel in venerem luxuriosa vocor.
Omnes certatim redimunt, me colligit usus,
Delitiis nequeo tum exaturare famem.
Deposui quando concham, (quae grata voluntas)
Proteror, aut risu saepe revolvor humi.
Donec profueris se quilibet addit amicum,
Casibus adversis mox violatur honos.

As long as I am concealed, carrying my home, and I wander and adorn dinner tables, or as long as I am called as a delicate aphrodisiac, everybody is fighting to purchase me; usefulness ties me up. At those moments, I cannot satisfy their hunger with my delight. But when I have laid down my shell - which is an alluring wish - I am crushed, or I am rolled back on the floor, for fun, many times. As long as you are of use, anybody becomes your friend, but in times of misfortune, honour will soon be violated.

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