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Sors audaces iuvat.

Fortune favours the bold

Ut ira segnes interim levis ciet,
Audentius ruant in hostes ut suos:
Sic sors movet minus feroces impete,
Ut promptius fortes magis se deterant,
Quis Hectori se opponere ingenti studet?
Haud Nestor annis obsitus, lingua potens,
Nec inclytus Graecorum Achilles optimus,
Qui tot trucidarat sibi hostes obvios:
Aiax sed est c¨m lectus inferior, statim
Armatus effert in superbum se Hectora,
Nec cedit, ambo donec aestu sint pares,
Uterque fessus symbolum alteri & daret.[1]

As an easy rage sometimes sweeps up the passive type to rush too bravely against his foes, so fortune moves the bold with less rush of power, so that the strong give up too fast. Who wishes to face Hector the mighty? Not Nestor, besieged by years, mighty in speech, nor the famous Achilles, best of the Acheans, who had killed so many foemen who did stand before him; but it is Ajax who, though of a lesser stamp, threw himself in arms against proud Hector; nor did he give up until the heat had made them equal, and each, exhausted, gave the other a token of his respect.


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