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Minuit praesentia famam.

Presence weakens a reputation.

Nix stat inaccesso quae montis vertice, nullis
Sint licèt urgentes, funditur à radiis.
Ut valeant vires iusto est opus intervallo,
Fitque repercussus fortior usque calor.
Quid, quod in humanis minuit praesentia famam,
Profuit obscuro ac delituisse loco?
Prodidit ignaros audacia, quosve φιλαύτους
Dicimus, at timidis nec licet esse nimis.
Multi quos studium, & commendat Pallas amica,
Dum tacuere vigent, publica scripta premunt.

The snow lying on the inaccessible top of the mountain does not melt by any rays, not even pressing ones. In order to exert power, a proper distance is necessary, and reflecting heat keeps becoming stronger. Why is it that, in social life, presence weakens a reputation, and it is useful to be hidden in an obscure place? Presumptuousness betrays the ignorant, or, the self-absorbed, as we call them; but, on the other hand, one should not be too shy. Many of those whom scholarship and her friend Pallas recommend stand strong while they keep silent; their publications [however] lower them.

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