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Remedium tempestivum sit.

React rapidly

Quae nocitura putas cohibe, nam occasio calva est,[1]
Seroque praevisis saepč fenestra patet.
Per rimam inservit quando caput anguis hiantem,
Quid prohibet caudam quin etiam ille trahat?
Praecipuč ŕ tergo si instes, noceasque cavendo,
Et primis addas partibus auxilium.
Occurras subitň, tardč medicina paratur,
Cům paries ardet proximus,[2] usta ruunt.

Stop problems you foresee before they happen, for Occasio is bald. Often the window stands open to things too late foretold. When the snake has forced his gaping maw through the crack, what will stop him from dragging his tail through as well? You will! If you attack him from behind, and harm by saving, you will give help in dealing with the foreparts as well. Quickly then: CHARGE! Too late the cure, when the next wall is on fire , and, burning, falls.


1.  See reference to Occasio, goddess of opportunity, and her baldness, in the Alciato emblem, In Occasionem (number 16 in 1536; 114 in 1549, 121 in 1584, and 16 in 1615).

2.  proximus ardet Ucalegon: a Vergilian tag (Aeneid, 2.311f).

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